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Recent Projects

Three Channel Counter
Three Channel Counter
Programmable Current Source
Programmable Current Source
PS/2 -> Parallel Adapter
PS/2 Parallel Keyboard Adapter
02/13/22 Now supports AZERTY keyboards!
Improved Floppy Emulator
Improved Gotek Floppy Emulator

New Whistler Archive

VLF E-Field Receiver

RX6 Breadboard Graph and Whistler

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Local WX in Forest, VA
Live VLF Band Spectrum
Recently captured VLF events
Interested in Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances? Check out my SID plots.

Listen To The VLF Band Live

Full Project List

VLF Reception
Current System
"Split" E-Field
E-Field RX 6
WiFi E-Field RX
H-Field RX
Optical Link

Weather Station

Retro Hardware
Floppy Emulator

Programmable Current Source
Three Channel Counter


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